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Ford Broadcasting - Carl & Angela Ford
Carl & Angela Ford
Carl Ford, President/CEO Angela Ford

Anyone involved in Gospel music is aware that North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia are saturated with Gospel radio stations. Some of these might play Gospel music only on Saturday and Sunday, but a number of these stations play Gospel music 24 hours a day.

Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the larger cities in middle-North Carolina. Anyone who lives around that area will tell you that Carl Ford and Ford Broadcasting has a huge coverage area with WRNA and WRKB. These are two of the most listened to stations in and around the Charlotte metropolitan area.

Until mid July 1998, along with these two stations, Ford Broadcasting also owned and operated WDEX and WLTC. These stations were sold, which still leaves Angela and Carl Ford with a very heavy schedule.

Carl Ford began his career in Gospel radio quite by accident. "I was working at Cannon Mills, and I liked to go by the station and watch Ray Davis, the morning Drive man at WRKB," Carl begins the story. "I had been by several times when he called one morning and asked if I could get the station on the air, since he had broken down and couldn't get to work. We got the station up and on August 1, 1982, I became an 'on-air personality' at WRKB. Actually, I helped out for about a week and a half, and then I was hired for weekends. From there I went on to the Morning Show on Monday through Saturday, and then in six months I was Program Director and Music Director."

Carl Ford knew nothing of rotations, formats or music direction. "All I knew was how to keep the program moving, and I knew I wanted to do this for a long time," he said.

Getting some pointers from secular program directors, Carl established his own music format and rotation of music. According to him, "I've pretty much stayed with that down through the years." At that time, Carl only worked for WRKB.

As time went on, doors were opened to allow Carl and his wife to purchase WRKB, WLTC, WDEX, and WRNA. That was when Ford Broadcasting was established.

During 1998 Carl Ford sold WLTC and WDEX to focus more on the ministry at "home". At the present time WRKB is undergoing extensive study, which will enable an increase in the power by 5 times the current wattage. The power increase will be finalized within the 2000 year. Ford Broadcasting is also planning a move into a larger building in the year 2000! Whatever the secret, Carl is doing well. Besides being a big attraction for fans of Gospel Music, Ford Broadcasting Inc. simulcasts all the programming on the two stations, WRNA and WRKB, Carl and Angela now own and operate.

"At first people were a little leery about simul-casting," Carl recalls. "Folks didn't want anyone tampering with their own local programming, and resented the simul-casting. However, it has worked well, and once folks realized it took nothing away from form their community, they have been very supportive."

Carl's way of doing business has paid off. Over the last few years, the radio stations and Carl have won numerous awards and recognitions. Most of these have been from the industry, and yet the areas around the station applaud the programming the Fords have on their radio stations.

With awards for Station of the Year, the Golden Mic Award, DJ of the Year and DJ of the Month, Ford Broadcasting has done well by their audience. Fans across their listening area appreciate the good music played on WRKB and WRNA.

Anytime you're driving in or around the Charlotte area, be sure to check out WRKB AM1460 or WRNA AM1140, because you will hear the best and most Southern Gospel Music. Ford Broadcasting only brings you the BEST. (
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(Front Row) Angela and Carl
(back row L-R) Channon, Anthony, Ashton, Taylor, Lindsay, Jace, Candace, Jamie

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1987 Award of Excellence
Southern Gospel Music Guild
1987 Southern Gospel Station of the Year
Eddie Crook Company
1989 Southern Gospel Station of the Year
Eddie Crook Company
1990 Southern Gospel Station of the Year
Southern Gospel Music Guild
1991 2nd Runner-up Station of the Year
Southern Gospel Music Guild
1991 Golden Mic Award - Carl Ford
Singing News Magazine
1987-1994 Carl Ford Nominated for Top Ten Southern Gospel DJ
Singing News Magazine
1994 AAA Large Market DJ of the Year - Carl Ford
Showcase Media
1996 DJ of the Month - Carl Ford
Zion Music Group
1996 Nominated Station of the Year
Southern Gospel Music Guild
1998 Station of the Month
Zion Music Group
2000 Carl Ford Nominated for DJ of the Year
Southern Gospel Music Association

2004 Carl Ford Nominated for Top 5 DJ of the Year
Singing News Fan Awards

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