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The man behind the microphone...
Full Birth Name: Michael Shane Childress
Birth Date: 05-29-1975
City of Birth: Concord, NC
Hometown: Kannapolis, NC
Birth Parents: Lester & Faye Childress
Home Church: Central Baptist Church
Bible Verse: Psalm 139 23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: 24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.
Spouse: Not yet... but I have a wonderful girlfriend.
Children: Nope
Siblings: 2 brothers & 5 sisters...and yeah, I'm the baby.
Years at Ford Broadcasting: 7... i think.
Years in Radio: 8 years
Best thing about Radio: We can reach so many people with the gospel... especially now with our live stream over the internet.
Worst thing about Radio: You can't tell if someone is making faces at you.
Favorite DJ: Taylor Ford... Yeah, He's got his dad beat by 15 miles.
Favorite Job and Why: I love to talk. I love Southern Gospel. I have a great and caring boss... wait, I guess two out of three we'll have to do.
Hobbies: Working/Playing (*BREAKING) with computers. (*) editor's note!
When I'm Bored, I...: Boredom? I shudder at the very thought of it.
Automobile you drive: 1991 Red Blazer... it's grand!
Dream Automobile: One that will run forever, requires no gas or any other fluids, and never needs to be washed/cleaned... well, you said dream.
Something People Might Not Know About You: Ummm... I snore? and... I shattered my hip and broke my leg once, (playing volleyball at church) so now I have lots on metal in my left leg... but you can't tell it by looking at me.
Hidden Talents: I can drive quite well with my left knee. (don't try that at home kids) (editor's note: is that because of the extra metal?)

Michael's Favorites...
Artist: Cathedrals, Signature Sound, Gold City, Perrys, Hoppers, & Talley Trio
TV Program: C.S.I.
Radio Program: Gospel Greats, Focus On The Family, and of course the Central Baptist Broadcast.
Candy: Reeses... Have you tried the new "Peanut Butter Lovers"?... wow... just wow.
Food: HOT POCKETS!!!!!
Dessert: Fried Pound Cake... You've never had that?!
Restaraunt: KFC & Wendys
Snack Food: Cheese Crackers & Munchies Snack Mix
Soft Drink (other than Cheerwine, of course): Dr. Pepper
Sport: I'm not a "sports" kinda guy... but I can bowl and ski if those count
Store: Wal-mart Supercenter!
Childhood Memory: Going to the beach with my family and playing "hide-n-seek in the dark" with friends in my neighborhood.
Worst "On-Air" Mistake or Most Embarrassing "On-Air" Moment:I laughed uncontrollably once while trying to read a live spot on the air... even worse is that it was a funeral home spot... I know it sounds awful but there was something funny to me about the way it was worded.
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