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The man behind the microphone...
Full Birth Name: Carl Lindsay Ford
Birth Date: July 11, 1957
City of Birth: Kannapolis, NC
Birth Parents: M.D. & Linda Ford
Home Church: Truth Temple
Bible Verse: Psalm 150
Spouse: Angela
Children: Anthony, Lindsay, Candace, Taylor
Grandchildren: Ashton, Mackenzie, Avery
Siblings: Monica, Paulette, Eddie
Years at Ford Broadcasting: Since 1992
Years in Radio: Since 1982
Reason for Radio: God called me to full time ministry in 1982 and I believe this is it!
Best thing about Radio: Radio waves can go anywhere - offices, factories, prisions, etc.
Worst thing about Radio: Listeners can't see you and you can't see them - Hmmm - maybe this should be the best thing!
Favorite DJ: ME! - as a youngster in the 70's - Bob Lacey and Jay Thomas
Previous Jobs: Manager Frye's Skating Rink, Ass't Manager Skateland and various jobs at Cannon Mills
Favorite Job and Why: Ford Broadcasting - It's what God called me to do / Skating Rink wasn't bad - we got FREE FOOD!
Hobbies: Skating, Swimming, Historical Studies - of course I am rarely able to do these things.
When I'm Bored, I...: work
Automobile you drive: 96 Chevy S-10, 01 Chevy Cavalier, Ford Broadcasting Van!
Dream Automobile: 1970 Chevelle SS
Something People Might Not Know About You: Eagle Scout and I played drums in the A.L. Brown Marching Band!
Hidden Talents: Ex-Pro Roller Skater - NOT!

Carl's Favorites...
Song: Somebody Touched Heaven For Me
Artist: Gold City, Inspirations, Perrys, Whisnants, Singing Americans
TV Program: Andy Griffith, 3 Stooges, NCIS
Radio Program:
Candy: Chocolate Covered Cherries
Food: Spaghetti, Chicken
Dessert: warm Banana Pudding
Restaraunt: Mayflower, Winks BBQ, Johnny's BBQ, Gary's BBQ, Jimmie's, Pizza Hut
Snack Food: Chips and Salsa (mild)
Soft Drink (other than Cheerwine, of course): Diet Sundrop, Diet Cheerwine
Sport: Football
College Team: UNC
NFL: Washington Redskins
MLB: yeah.
NASCAR: #3 Dale Earnhardt
Store: China Grove Hardware and Big Lots
Childhood Memory: Playing "Army"
Worst "On-Air" Mistake or Most Embarrassing "On-Air" Moment: Talking to my wife on the phone while the microphone was still on!
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