NATIONAL QUARTET CONVENTION 2003 - [09.11.03 - 09.13.03]

Carl Ford - Good Morning

Chad Lingafelt at the Controls

The Sunrise - or the Sun in our eyes? AHHHHH

Welcome to the Star of Louisville

Daywind Records welcomed us on the Star of Louisville for music, food & fellowship

Carl Ford & Tracy Stuffle of the Perrys

Carl Ford & Legendary Songwriter - Kyla Rowland

Carl Ford with Mark Trammel (Mark Trammell Trio) & Jeff Pearles (Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet)

Star of Louisville

Star of Louisville's Concert arena

Star of Louisville

The Crabb Family's **NEW** Paint Job!!

Carl Ford, Mike Holcomb (Inspirations) and Chad Lingafelt

Carl Ford, Don Degrate and Jon Eagle (Don Degrate Group)

Chad Lingafelt and Carl Ford - We couldn't find anyone to talk to - we talked to ourselves!!

Kyle Petty (Gann Brothers), Carl Ford, Phil Gann (Gann Brothers)

Carl Ford and Tony Gore

Carl Ford and Jim Stover (Crossroads Marketing)

Jeff Whisnant, Susan Whisnants, Carl Ford and Aaron

George W. Bush & Chad Lingafelt!!

George W. Bush & Carl Ford!!

Legacy Five's #1 Party!

I'm A Soldier!!! - It's Three Bridges

Carl Ford & Martin Cook (Inspirations)

Carl Ford & Lauren Talley (Talley Trio)