SPRING RADIO-THON - [3.27.01 - 3.30.01]

Melissa @ the computer! Can you say "trouble"?

Where's Cierra? Oh! That's her inside those headphones!

Taylor Ford - after a l-o-n-g day of radio-thon!

Carl - attempting to pose for
a semi-family photo
Taylor - working!

Big Al - Allen Reid stop by to lend his helping fund raising hand!

OK - So they wouldn't leave without taking a picture!

Buddy Hoffner - Call Right Now (where's the food?) 704.857.1101 (I've got to get to church) 704.938.1460 (Is the food here yet?) Right Now, Call us! (I'm starving)

Two Words: "Melissa" "Saul"

Hey guys look, I can check e-mail! ...Chad, something is wrong with this thing!

Chad (#2) Miller graced us with his presence

What's his name - Oh, Howard Hagar hung around for a picture

Buddy Hoffner grimaces as he releases that $1 bill

Bryn Waddell - this man needs no caption

I bet you can't guess who's kid this is, That's right - Melissa Saul

We couldn't get her to smile.

Hmmm... I'z tryn' to think but nothing happened