Legacy Five's Booth

Homeland Entertainment Group

Carl Ford and Pastor John Hagee

Carl Ford interviewing Eric Baker (Sons Family)

Karen Peck Gooch and Carl Ford

Carl Ford interviewing Jeff and Susan Whisnant

Carl Ford interviewing Jackie Wilburn

Tim Riley (Gold City) tells Carl Ford about thier contract with Cathedral Records.

Our Remote Broadcasting Headquarters - Thanks to the Kannapolis Intimidators

Our view North from our Remote Broadcasting Headquarters

Our view South from our Remote Broadcasting Headquarters

Bus Extravaganza!

Bus Extravaganza!

Spring Hill Breakfast

Carl Ford and The Martins

Cumberland Quartet!

Karen Peck Gooch


The NQC Crowd

Talley Trio's Booth

Safe Harbor's Booth

Eddie Crook Company

Chad Lingafelt and his sister, Charity Lingafelt of the Accords

The Inspiration's Booth

Singing News Information Booth

Down East Boys' Booth

The Steele's Booth

Crossroad's Crossroads!

The Isaacs' Booth

Spring Hill's Booth

CrossWay's Booth

The Anchormen's Booth

The Perrys' Booth

Carl Ford and Randy Perry

Carl Ford and Claude Hopper

Gerald Crabb and Carl Ford