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The man behind the microphone...
Full Birth Name: Carl Taylor Ford
Birth Date: 09-17-1988
City of Birth: Concord, NC
Hometown: China Grove
Birth Parents: Carl and Angela Ford
Home Church: Truth Temple Church
Bible Verse: Joshua 1:9 "Have not I command thee be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou guest."
Spouse: Not yet...but I have a beautiful Girlfriend
Children: Nope
Siblings:2 Sisters, and 1 brother, and I am the baby!
Years at Ford Broadcasting: All my Life!!!!
Years in Radio: 5 years being on the radio.
Best thing about Radio: Knowing that we are reaching many people with the gospel.
Worst thing about Radio: It can be redundant after a while, saying the same thing all the time.
Favorite DJ: Carl Ford, my dad is the best DJ ever!!!
Favorite Job and Why: I am really good at talking, and having a job that involves talking it's good to me. Plus I Love southern gospel music!!!
Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Playing basketball, and singing
When I'm Bored, I...: Sit around and try to find something on TV..or I play guitar.
Automobile you drive: 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, 4 wheel drive..it's awesome I LOVE IT!!!!!
Dream Automobile: 1971 Chevelle, with a 454 motor, Midnight Blue with White Stripes going down the middle.
Something People Might Not Know About You: I can't ever breathe out of my nose, so when I sleep I breathe out of my mouth and I slobber ever where..it's very embarrassing.
Hidden Talents: I can shape my tongue into a three leave clover..it's genetic!!

Taylor's Favorites...
Artist: Gold City, Jeremy Camp, Perry's, Hawk Nelson, Skillet, and Cathedrals
TV Program: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Radio Program: Cornerstone with John Hagee, James Dobson of Family Minute, and the Gospel Greats.
Candy: Reese's..cause it's just the best!!!!
Food: Pizza
Dessert: German Chocolate Cake
Restaraunt: Gary's BBQ (surprised?) and Chili's
Snack Food: Dorito's, Chips and Salsa.
Soft Drink (other than Cheerwine, of course): Mountain Dew Code Red
Sport: Basketball
Store: Guitar Center
Childhood Memory: Sitting in my dad's truck and the window was cracked about 2 inches and I tried to talk through it instead of rolling the window down.
Worst "On-Air" Mistake or Most Embarrassing "On-Air" Moment:During Radio-Thon about 5 years ago, I decided to cut the music off and talk, and I talked about 2 minutes.and I thought I was something. But I forgot to turn on the microphone!!!
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